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Getting to Know You For Yourself

Getting to Know You For Yourself

Getting to know yourself is very important because you are responsible for being the best version of yourself. You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings, emotions, personality, and actions. Having self-awareness and self-examination is so beneficial for the times that we are living in. We can get lost trying to go with the flow and being for everyone else but ourselves. Knowing yourself builds your confidence, self-esteem, and character. It is essential to have self-knowledge about who you are for yourself—practicing self-love, independence, and confidence in your decision-making process.


Getting to Know You For Yourself is a book filled with affirmations, encouragement, uplifting empowerment, and Q & A response note pages. This book has personal anecdotes that encourage and motivate you to push past fears and doubts, causing you to go deeper in your faith in God and inspiring you to believe in yourself.

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