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Hear the voices that have been encouraged...

Bouquet of Peonies

Coach Ramirez has inspired me by living what she preaches! She shares the testimonies of her walk with God, where He brought her from, where and He is taking her to. She shares with others why she is the way she is today and what it took to accomplish so much. She's not a quitter; she fights on, doesn't stop, and is willing to take on anything head-on. You have a can-do attitude. 

She motivates us to be free and not care what people think and just live as Christ attends us to live. Because of her, I praise and worship God more openly and speak with power and authority. 

She's encouraged me by not letting me be depressed or feel like I'm less or not important. She speaks life, positivity, and she also says what needs to be said for growth. I see life differently now with a better perspective. I found peace and joy, and I'm genuinely thankful for your coaching.

- Jervallo Lyles

Love Note Productions

"Lechelle's incredible spirit, positivity, wisdom, and guidance are so transcendent. She transforms obstacles that may be fearful or disappointing into Positive Beauty Marks... She combines a fresh outlook on life with the teaching of Christ Jesus. The warmth and love she shows are truly remarkable. Her guidance has helped me reflect on what's really important in life and not stress over little things that I don't control."

- Fallon M. Earlington

PinkRose Graphs Inc

"See the beauty in EVERYTHING!"

I'm so excited, Coach Ramirez!!! I feel God all in what He is doing in you and through you, for what He is putting us together for Enough is Enough Becoming Unapologetically You Inc. You really don't understand how much I appreciate you!! Just looking at what God has done so far with us, I can't even explain. I'm so humbled to share a platform with you! Oh my God, you just don't understand!! If someone had told me this years ago that we would be podcasting together or sharing our life stories to motivate and empower others, I would not have believed it!


BUT I am so so excited and grateful, and my prayer is everything that we do or say is that Abba always stays midst it, for Him to be made glorious, and the enemy is horrified!!

I see God is about to do something bigger than what we have imagined; I'm so excited, and I thank God for allowing you to tag me in with the version God has given you for our lives!
God bless you, Women of God!! 

​- Elect Lady LaTarsha Crenshaw

Enough is Enough: Women of Elselans Inc



I like that your essay has a clear structure. It makes us reflect on the thoughts and feelings we had when a person doubted our value. It's a matter of perspective. Your essay describes the contrast between the philosophy of humans and God regarding personal significance.

I like your quotes, especially this one, by Edmund Lee: "Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself."

I like how you started sharing with us a story about a meeting at a Clubhouse and the thoughts you had, better yet, the emotions and reactions you had during a flashback when you too felt unworthy to be loved. It's surprising, coming from you, that anybody would question your value. After all, we have the blessing to see you and feel you worship openly in church (connecting with God) and in one-on-one conversations where we can feel your talent in connecting with even the most reclusive of us.

It's so common to think that a person's value depends on what he (she) has or does not so, with God.  Humans can only see what comes out of a person as if we were a mysterious black box.  God can see through our walls. God can see us inside, even though our silence… and He likes what He sees. I like that you share your life lesson and your thoughts to help us see ourselves from the point of view of God, from the inside of our black box, and that we can feel good about our value by contrasting what humans see versus what God sees.  Who is right? God, of course.  I like that.


Thank you, Lechelle. You are a blessing in more ways than you realize.

- Roberto Calderon


Thank you so much for assisting me with promoting my business and helping with the website connections, and taking the time to show me the ropes in navigating through each setup. Every time I call on you, you are able to assist me and give me guidance that eases my mind. You're always sharing encouraging words, whether on Facebook, through a text, or via call. You have a sweet spirit, and I appreciate you to the fullest. God always works everything out, and I am thankful to have you to connect with!


Thanks, Queen!

- Ruth Williams 

The Queens Bouquet LLC

Coach Ramirez has been an example and inspiration for me to seek and be the magnificent person God created in all of us in his love and image.  To be free to express with excitement and boldness who truly I am in Christ Jesus. 


Also, to be able to see me through the person and love of Jesus Christ. Coach Ramirez generously shares her love, care, and spiritual gifts with the people around her. I am grateful that He provides me with the blessing to be Coach Ramirez's sister in Christ.

I have been telling my family how proud I am of having a Pastor like Coach Ramirez, and about her book, her dancing ministry, and her testimony 💪🏼🙌🏼 I appreciate her very much. 🥰


"Blessings to you Pastor Ramirez!! 😘We need to be free to be in Jesus, and I thank you, Coach Ramirez, for your encouraging us to do so!!" 🥳

- Maria Calderon

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