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Becoming Unapologetically You,
       Women's Online Webinar

Becoming Unapologetically You Women's Online Webinar

Without undergoing the self-assessment process, self-assessment is the process of looking at oneself to assess the aspects of one's identity. If you don't experience this process, you will remain stuck in a place of uncertainty. You'll always be stuck until you can own who you were and your past mistakes! Break free and walk into your purpose and unlock your full potential.

You have the power to create! God has given you the ability to create, to get wealth, unlock doors, and walk in a place that men say you're not qualified to enter!

Join Alexia Pant, Loretta Greene, Coach Tonya Lewis-Rose, Coach Latausha Cheatham, and myself (Coach Lechelle Ramirez) as we speak nightly. Sharing empowering tools and information that's vital to "Become Unapologetically You"! 

Why join? 

Each night you'll hear from one of the speakers as they share life experiences and tips to equip, empower, and push you into purpose.

It's five nights of learning, fun, games, vision direction, personal stories, networking, prayer, strategizing, and so much more! Climaxing on Saturday afternoon with personal experience from the participants.

You'll receive worksheets for each night via email. Please check your Spam folder if you do not receive the email before the scheduled time of the webinar.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate; please allow two weeks before receiving it via email.

After the webinar, you will receive one FREE coaching section pre-individual from Coach Tonya Lewis-Rose, Coach Latausha Cheatham, or myself (Coach Lechelle Ramirez).

The price is cheap, and it's worth it!

We’d love to see you!
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Are you ready for your mindset to shift from not knowing who you are and you're now ready to understand your purpose in life?

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Thanks for submitting!

You have to create endless possibilities! What's stopping you?!

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