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The most significant difference in coaching and counseling is the difference in approaches. Coaches help others achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance, assisting the coachee. At the same time, they figure out what they want to do. Life coaches focus on creating a new life path. We help set goals, create a path that allows individuals to become unapologetically and authentically themselves. 


Becoming Unapologetically You, Inc., is an organization that is geared towards setting goals, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. This organization is licensed to counsel under ministerial licenses. We are trained in communication, interpersonal skills, spiritual, emotional, and psychological listening skills. Meaning we are advocates who provide services that help individuals work on their goals for the future and create a new life path. 


Counselors focus on specific problems and look into emotional reasonings to past difficulties to move forward, finding solutions to those particular problems while making healing one of the main objectives. Many seek life coaches when they feel stuck, have complicated situations, feel frustrated with life, need a boost in self-confidence, motivation, empowerment, inspiration, or want to create a better version of themselves. Life coaches help push you, allow you to figure out your next step, and motivate you all the way, "You can do it!! You got this!!"


Coaches focus on introspection and are action-oriented when resolving the issue. We believe in giving the clients problem-solving skills rather than specific solutions, helping them feel in control, and make their own decisions. We work with the individual to identify the problems they may be facing, and we don't want the individual to feel as if someone is trying to fix them or tell the individual, what to do. The person needs to be and feel in control of their decisions, and we are here to allow them to feel and know that they are understood. 

In you lies inspiration! Be bold, be powerful, be you unapologetically!! March to the beat of your own drum, for you, are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator, Abba. Where you were is not who you are and where you're going is more significant than where you've been!!

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Romans 8 : 1

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Here's What You Get:

​Each month you will get one-on-one coaching sessions with Coach Ramirez.

Choose What's best for you...

  • 30-minute session fee of $45.​

  • 60-minute session fee of $85. 

  • The monthly rate for four 30-minute sessions fee is $240.

  • The monthly rate for five 30-minute sessions fee is $275.

  • Worksheets to complete before and after each session.

  • Accountability check-ins and encouragement for that extra boost you may need to meet your goals!

Call Today to schedule your first 30-minute session for FREE!!

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