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Quilted Travel Baby Bed & Large Diaper Bag

Quilted Travel Baby Bed & Large Diaper Bag

SKU: 1600201333826

Expandable Baby Bag


This multipurpose portable Baby Diaper bag Backpack is everything you didn’t know you needed for caring for your little one on the go. With compartments to store snacks, bottles, diapers, clothing, and more, as well as an expandable section for your baby to play or be changed in, you’ve got everything you need all in one place.


Large Compartment:

The main large compartment of the Baby Diaper bag Backpack is spacious with an easy zipper opening and lots of room for you to store a change of clothes or outerwear like jackets, hats, socks, and more until you need them.


Babies need to eat often and you can keep them satisfied by making sure you have all their favorite snacks ready whenever you see those telltale signs of hunger. This space is also perfect for toys, formula containers, and all those little miscellaneous things you need to have with you just in case.


Super Versatile Diaper Backpack:

If you’re planning a long day out of the house, you need to make sure you pack enough bottles to get you through. And because bottles need to be temperature controlled, this backpack has a special insulated compartment that’s perfect for storing up to three bottles.


This pocket also has a waterproof section for wipes so they stay moist and don’t leak onto anything else in your bag. You can never be too prepared so load up all the extra items you can think of so you always have what you need. And while this main compartment expands to fit everything you need, it is also an easily collapsible backpack and hooks right onto your stroller!

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