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Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

The Journey...

“You can't do both. It would be impossible.” These words were the most discouraging words I could ever hear as a college freshman wanting to pursue and go after everything that was being offered to me. I was crushed... disappointed... and a bit lost. That day I walked away not knowing what I should do but, I knew in my heart that if I trusted in God and His plans for my life everything would be okay. After that day, I made a big decision to go down a completely new and unknown journey that changed every plan I had talked about as a kid. As I look back on that day, I am grateful for making that change and pursuing a career that makes everyday a blessing. You may be reading this and have some curiosity about what this career is? What were the “both things” she could not do? What were your plans? I could keep you here all day if I told you everything, but the short story is that this journey of mine is becoming a music therapist. I have always been involved in music since I was kid, and it truly played a special role in my childhood growing up. Not only this, but I also had a huge interest in health and medicine. To see these two things combined in one, opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of life and thankful for the new journey I said “yes” to.

Music therapy... In my own words I like to say it allows all ages and populations of people to experience an outlet that is out of the norm of your usual “talk-therapy.” To be able to see so many individuals light up when they hear their favorite song... write a song that expresses who they are...reminisce about old memories... reach a goal that some may have expressed was impossible... and most importantly feel validated and supported through every fear, diagnosis, or challenge life throws their way. These are the moments that I value every day and never take for granted. These are the moments that have shaped and created me into someone totally different than who I was freshman year of college. I could go on and on but, music is so meaningful and brings so much inner healing, appreciation, and can resonate with so many people. It's literally all around us and speaks to us in so many ways. If I didn't say yes and trust God’s plan that day and honestly every day, I truly would not be where I am today. Music is my medicine, my daily dose of feeling... expressing...being me and holding on to something that no one can ever take from me. The unknown is scary, but the yes is worth it. I can't imagine life without music and don't ever regret the huge decision I made to do something I love, that's impactful. I don't know what life would have looked like if I didn't say yes, but I know that it would've been a completely different life than now.

As I end this blog, I encourage every person reading this to never stop chasing after your dreams even when tough choices that are unknown, unfamiliar, not what you had planned - come up. Go for it and don't ever stop. As a music therapist, I have learned, gained, and lost as the years go by. I have grown spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as I continue this journey and continue to show gratitude every day. In my creative expression, I share a song that I wrote and composed some of the music. This song is my expression... my everything... my roller-coaster journey of life and the steady foundation of my faith. (Link:

I leave you with this quote... “I’ve found that no matter what life throws at me, music softens the blow...” - Bryce Anderson

by. Taieshia Tindall aka TT, MT-BC (Music Therapist)

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