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Walking in God's Favor

"And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work." - 2 Corinthians 9:8

"At this very moment, God's working behind the scenes in your life, arranging things in your favor. Stay in faith!" - Joel Osteen

What does it mean to walk in the favor of God?

Walking in the favor of God can be identified as walking in His approval, acceptance, guidance, support, provision, authority, peace, and joy. You can walk in such a way even when it seems as if the world around you have gone mad or you feel as if you're walking alone. It has also been manifested to everyone who the grace of Jesus Christ has saved. Sometimes we forget that when we accept Christ Jesus, we have already inherited the favor of God.

"God never asked us to meet life's pressures and demands on our own terms or by relying upon our own strength. Nor did He demand that we win His favor by assembling an impressive portfolio of good deeds. Instead, He invites us to enter His rest." - Charles R. Swindall

In all that you do, pursue Jesus, and you will experience wisdom in every area of your life. No, this doesn't mean you won't have life's ups and downs, but you will have the wisdom of God to lead you as you pursue Him and His purpose for your life. You cannot try to earn, deserve or study to acquire God's knowledge. It comes from His unmerited favor. His wisdom will give you success in your career and the keys to unlock doors that will cause you to get worth in the natural and spiritual ram. It will cause you to succeed as a parent, teacher, student, entrepreneur, or spouse.

Having the favor of God is a big deal; the word "favor" is mentioned in the Bible over 70 times, and everyone that allows God to use them has experienced a great deal of His favor in their lives, me included. Many people ask for "the favor" of God but expect favors from God. God's favor and blessings guarantee His presence, provision, and power to accomplish His purpose in and through your life. His favor is a fact, and we can experience it daily as we walk in it. Our lifestyles and habits should indicate to those around us that we have the favor of God working in our lives.

As the year 2023 kicks off, remember the favor of God that is upon your life and walk in it! Set goals that will reflect the goodness of the Lord and allow Him to guide your every step as you step out on faith to trust Him as you walk in purpose and watch the manifestation of God overtake you in 2023.


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God bless,

Lechelle L. Ramirez


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