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Becoming Unapologetically Me!

Becoming Unapologetically Me!

Lechelle L Ramirez is the author of Becoming Unapologetically Me and Becoming Unapologetically You 31 Daily Inspiration. A Bookkeeper, Mother, Wife, Co-Pastor, Prophetess, Master Life Coach, the owner, and the founder of Becoming Unapologetically You. She will receive her bachelor of arts in administration from Ashworth College this coming December 2021. She received her associate's degree in Biblical Studies from Ames International School of Ministry. A Pensacola native, she is a loves to motivating and encouraging others, dancing, spending time with her family, and trying new things. You can visit her online at or


Her book Unapologetically tells the story from her birth up until her current age. She shares her life's mishaps, choices, consequences, and her salvation in Jesus Christ. She holds back no details of her life failures and she gives God the glory for victory over every detail in her life.


May this book bring you encouragement and an encounter with Holy Spirit that allows you to see that NOTHING is impossible and ALL things can be made new in Jesus Christ.

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